Infection Prevention

FDA and EPA-approved sanitizers and disinfectants killing in excess of 99.999% of bacteria, bio-films, and viruses (COVID-19) for up to 28 Days.

Respirators and Masks

N95, KN95, and 3 or 4 Ply Masks (Levels 1/2/3), directly from the OEM and Made in the USA.

Heart Health

A large portion of heart attacks go undetected. With a clinically validated test, developed over years, we can help determine your heart health with a simple blood test and predict the likelihood of future heart attack.

Following are companies TrueMed is affiliated with which provide unique products or services within the medical community. We do receive a small monetary benefit for those who take advantage of their offers. Hope you benefit and look forward to your feedback.

Lab Testing & Telehealth, Discrete, Anytime, at a Savings.

PersonaLabs provides confidential, secure, convenient and affordable blood testing, health
screenings, drug testing and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Clients choose from a range of low-cost tests – all ordered online in a totally discreet process – and then visit one of over 4,000 lab locations nationwide. They work with both Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp of America. No doctor’s orders, no appointments, no insurance necessary! Simply select your tests and they provide the doctor’s order to you and you can just turn up at one of the labs with their lab order.

PersonaLabs provides the same professional health tests available through a doctor, at a fraction of the price and with guaranteed privacy. Their services are perfect for all health- conscious individuals. PersonaLabs is also a great resource for information about specific diseases and treatment options for diabetes, prostate cancer, thyroid issues and more, and provides budget-friendly general health screenings for men and women. Popular tests include: 

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Cardiovascular & Diabetes Testing
  • Allergy Testing
  • Cancer Screenings
  • STD Testing

    And many, many more!