TrueMED Search is driven to deliver the highest quality service to our clients and candidates, committed to key principles and integrity.

We are an executive search firm specializing in the medical device and healthcare industry.  Each company offers unique challenges with specific goals in need of the right people to succeed.  We seek to understand your company’s deliverables, long and short term goals, and follow with a customized strategy to provide the results needed in the highly competitive medical industry.

TrueMed Search has years of experience in sales and the medical industry.  Beginning in sales over 20 years ago, it was all about working with and serving people.  Twenty years later and we are still just as passionately committed to keeping it all about “the people.”  We understand, above all, we are in the people and therefore the relationship business.  It takes certain skills, principles and above all integrity to create high-quality relationships.  Having been on both the recruiter and the recruited side, we understand the importance of building trust through transparency and integrity for both client and candidate.  We take each search and candidate personal, truly believing that “Your Future is Our Business.”